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Preconstruction Services

In scenarios where design documents are incomplete, undefined, and do not contain sufficient detail or information to provide complete and competitive bids, Sweet Construction can offer preconstruction services. With this service, Sweet Construction will sit down with the client offering professional advice and input while identifying areas requiring further detail and information which will allow the documents to be properly constructed and realistically priced. With Preconstruction Services, there is no obligation to contract with Sweet Construction for construction services. After the Preconstruction efforts result in revised, biddable documents, the plans can be sent out for competitive bid proposals. If Sweet Construction were offered an opportunity to bid on the project, the Preconstruction Services fee would be reduced from the bid proposal in the event of Sweet Construction award.

General Construction

The traditional contracting method where Sweet Construction contracts with the client for construction services. The client separately contracts with a Design Professional (Architect/Engineer(s) and Sweet Construction works with them as a team on behalf of the client. In the General Construction contract delivery method, the Design Team and the General Contractor are individually accountable to the Owner/Client. General Contracting typically results in highly aggressive pricing results due to competition among the bidding Contractors. A competitive bidding scenario involving multiple General Contractors is not effective with incomplete or non-detailed construction drawings. (See Preconstruction Services for further information)

Construction Manager (CM at Risk)

Sweet Construction becomes involved early in the project’s design process providing input on constructability, scheduling, and budgeting. Sweet Construction holds all contracts with Subcontractors and Vendors and is responsible for Trade Contractor performance. There are two (2) types of CM at Risk contracts.

GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

Sweet Construction guarantees the price of the project after the design is complete. Fees associated with GMP tend to be higher as there is more risk with this delivery method.

Cost of Work + Fee

Sweet Construction charges a fee percentage based upon the cost of the work. Fees tend to be less with this delivery method as there is less risk.

Construction Manager (CM as Advisor)

Sweet Construction becomes involved early in the project’s design process to consult on constructability and to perform budgeting and scheduling services. Delivery method is sometimes referred to as Construction Manager as Agent. In this delivery method, the contracts are between the Owner and the Trade Contractors. Sweet Construction acts as an “advisor” to the Owner as it relates to the Owner’s administration of those contracts. As an “agent”, Sweet Construction is responsible for monitoring the budget, schedule, and project cost; however, does not guarantee cost. Fees are typically less in this delivery than in the CM at Risk delivery.


Sweet Construction contracts with the Owner/Client as a single entity responsible for the design and the construction of the project. In this delivery, Sweet Construction holds complete risk for the design and the construction of the project which benefits the owner as a single point of accountability. The Design-Build delivery method is ideal for projects under tight schedule constraints as pricing can be updated while the design is changing and constructability issues can be identified early on instead of during construction or “in the field.” Fees are typically highest in the Design-Build delivery as risk is typically the highest.

Client Advocacy/Owner’s Representation

An owner’s representative must possess strong technical and management skills. The primary purpose of an Owner’s Representative is to look out for the clients’ best interest, exclusively. An owner’s representative acts as a facilitator of all the project team members including the General Contractor, Architect, Engineers (civil, structural, MEP), and the Municipality. Construction is a very complicated process with many players and processes involved. Sweet Construction can help these processes with careful planning, technical strategy, and professional oversight.

Project Feasibility/Budgeting Services

Sweet Construction offers feasibility and Budgeting services for Residential and Commercial construction applications. This allows clients to control the financial feasibility of the project prior to going through the exercise and expense of design documents. This can prevent costly revisions and re-designs due to a project cost falling outside of budgetary expectations.  Another common application for budgeting services falls in the commercial development sector such as commercial lease space. Budgeting exercises can help provide information to landlords which can be utilized in leasing negotiations.


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